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We now know all 11 weapons coming to Battlefield 1’s In the Name of the Tsar expansion.

Battlefield 1’s next expansion, In the Name of the Tsar, is coming this September and is bringing the new Supply Mode with it, which takes its inspiration from the expanses of the Eastern Front in the first World War, necessitating the need for air drops.

The DLC will have a heavier focus on cavalry combat, so the horses are getting an attitude adjustment to make them more amenable.

We got a peek at some gameplay from the expansion’s first map, Lupkow Pass, which is actually releasing early, in August. The expansion will also introduce six new weapons: a Double Barrel Shotgun, Federov Avtomat rifle, MG14 Parabellum, Mosin Nagant M91 rifle, Nagant Revolver and the C93 Carbine Suppressed.

That left five unknown weapons, and after a little digging, they were posted on Reddit.

Westie has a breakdown of the stats of each weapon that have been taken from the code, but the models aren’t in the CTE build, so you’ll have to use your imagination when it comes to actual gameplay.

The five weapons are:

  • Maxim SMG prototype for the Assaullt class that has a box magazine giving it an 80-round capacity
  • General Lie rifle for the Medic which is a hybrid bolt action, semi-automatic weapon but we’ll have to see if that remains true in-game. The capacity is six rounds
  • Perino Model 1908 LMG for the Support class. The gun was modified from a feed strip to a box in bipod mode, but again, we’ll have to see which way Dice falls on that one
  • Vetterli M1870 rifle for the Scout class. The rifle was modified for use in WW1, with three variants, but according to Westie, the in-game variants will be infantry and carbine
  • Obrez Tanker/Pilot weapon described as a “bolt action shotgun” by Westie

We don’t know if they’ll be free for everyone, or exclusive to the DLC. They’re not all Russian guns – like the six featured in the Lupkow Pass gameplay – so hopefully we’ll see them as part of a free update.

What do you think about the new weapons? Are you itching to use them, or aren’t you fussed? Chime in below.

Coming to the live servers earlier than expected, Battlefield 1's June Update rolls out tomorrow, June 20th, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can expect some gameplay changes within the June Update as well as the first night-only map, Nivelle Nights, and the Frontlines game mode accessible on Argonne Forest and Amiens. DICE has yet to release the official patch notes, but they should be available once the update is available for download.

-ENG-Napalm Love the new map, it massive. Great opportunities for flanks.
Noo8ie So what's everyone's impression on the new patch?

The May Update for Battlefield 1 has hit live servers. Being the first of what DICE claim will be monthly updates, it has brought some changes with it. Operations matchmaking has been tweaked so that getting assigned to an empty server becomes less likely. Furthermore, at the end of an Operation players will no longer be sent back to the global screen. Instead, they will be moved to the opposite side in the same Operation. A "Join Any Operation" button is also available. The ticket count for Domination modes has been increased to 200, while the health gained on vehicle repair, alongside the time it takes for a repair cycle to complete, have been reduced.

The Dogfighter kit has received Incendiary Ammo as a secondary weapon, making it more effective at crippling plane parts. Bayonet charging now comes with slightly reduced turning speed, while the damage reduction that used to be applied to charging players is not completely removed. A number of other changes concerning less used plane and vehicle packages are also part of the update. You can have a look at the May Update full notes for all the details and the fancy numbers

Check out the full notes below;