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contact us Need The England Clan Administration Team?

If you have any questions or need help with anything related to England Clan or its game servers, feel free to contact our admin team in either teamspeak or the form below and the next available admin will contact you as soon as possible.


First point of call should be to use the side chat in-game server itself and the admin or member with the appropriate powers can assist you direct. Please verify that the person you are talking to is a member of England Clan by their Battlelog tag "[ENG]".

Second point of call and the most effective would be to join our teamspeak server and look for members with the administration shields:

Clan Leader Clan Leaders

Clan Admin Clan Administrators

 Or our Game Administrators, baring the logo of either Battlefield or Overwatch.

Should none of the above be applicable, you can send us an email using the website contact form below:
Your Gamer Call-Sign
Battlelog name / url
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Please note: To appeal a server ban please use the appeal ban section in the forums