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Coming to the live servers earlier than expected, Battlefield 1's June Update rolls out tomorrow, June 20th, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can expect some gameplay changes within the June Update as well as the first night-only map, Nivelle Nights, and the Frontlines game mode accessible on Argonne Forest and Amiens. DICE has yet to release the official patch notes, but they should be available once the update is available for download.

-ENG-Napalm Love the new map, it massive. Great opportunities for flanks.
Noo8ie So what's everyone's impression on the new patch?

The May Update for Battlefield 1 has hit live servers. Being the first of what DICE claim will be monthly updates, it has brought some changes with it. Operations matchmaking has been tweaked so that getting assigned to an empty server becomes less likely. Furthermore, at the end of an Operation players will no longer be sent back to the global screen. Instead, they will be moved to the opposite side in the same Operation. A "Join Any Operation" button is also available. The ticket count for Domination modes has been increased to 200, while the health gained on vehicle repair, alongside the time it takes for a repair cycle to complete, have been reduced.

The Dogfighter kit has received Incendiary Ammo as a secondary weapon, making it more effective at crippling plane parts. Bayonet charging now comes with slightly reduced turning speed, while the damage reduction that used to be applied to charging players is not completely removed. A number of other changes concerning less used plane and vehicle packages are also part of the update. You can have a look at the May Update full notes for all the details and the fancy numbers

Check out the full notes below;



Ohhh I'm getting excited!

All the details, new features, bug fixes and changes coming with the Battlefield 1 Spring Update! Platoons are returning, password Protected Servers are here and the 4 new Level 10 Weapon variants are coming! :D

KillGlance 6 player start for server is awesome too :)
grosumnads Finally platoons and passwords on servers. please note one of the leaders will create our =ENG= platoon. See you on the ...