EA and DICE have announced Battlefest, a series of Battlefield 4 events to keep fans playing during the dog days of summer.

July 12th will mark the first day of the "Battleshots" Battelfield 4 community event, It starts this weekend with double XP on July 12th-13th as well as a contest, wherein players can submit screenshots based on a theme of the day. Every day one of the entrants will win an AMD graphics card, $50 gift card to the DICE store and a Battlefield 4 Premium membership. Daily Battleshots themes will run until August 13th. Beyond the daily Battleshots contest, check out these other initiatives during Battlefest:

  • Free Camo Unlocks
Each week we'll see releasing of free camo in-game for all players.

  • Double XP
As noted above, more double XP weekends.

  • Community Missions
Each week Battlefield players will see a hosting of new global community challenges to reach a specific goal in-game.  If you reach the goal, everyone who logs in will receive a free gold Battlepack the following week.  The first mission starts on July 15, 2014, where you will have to collectively reach 15 million revives across all platforms, with the mission ending on the eve of July 20, 2014.

  • Stunt Video Competition
This a month long contest where Dice will be asking us to send the best stunt video that can only be done in Battlefield 4. Once received, the DICE team will pick the top 12 and the fans will vote on the top three winners to win a massive prize.

The dates also appear to overlap the Dragon's Teeth DLC, which releases on July 15 for Premium members. It will include four new maps based on Asian Pacific cities, and five new weapons. Dice have also hinted on more surprises on the Battlelog news post: "But that’s not all, we have more surprises in store that we’re excited to share in the next couple weeks.  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled. Happy Summer Gaming!"

Blue Collarhero I LOVE CAMO! ...
Rivendark 15th? called it, and love how atleast 2, if not 3, of those prizes are useless to most of us...
Blue Collarhero Minds enter your jet ski boop! ...